MagnAdese 2024: walk to discover the food and wine specialties of the Valdadige with return rafting tour.

On Sunday 19th May you are all invited to Valdadige to participate in this unique event, full of excellent food at km 0, local wines, rafting tours in the Terra dei Forti and all the hospitality of the locals that will make the day even more special.


Via San Martino 1,, 37020 Volargne di Dolcè (VR)

Price/person 79,00 €

The meeting place is the splendid Villa del Bene in Volargne (VR); built between the end of the fourteenth century and the first decades of the fifteenth century, it is the oldest example of a Venetian Sunday house in the Verona area.

From here will begin the first gastronomic stage and the splendid walk immersed in the vineyards and surrounded by the morainic hills.

Breakfast will be prepared by the "la Cavalara" association, which takes its name from the Cavalara or Alzaia road; path that once flanked the Adige river on both sides, a few centimeters high from the water and was used to walk draft animals (horses or oxen) that pulled the boats upstream to the north.

1st stage - breakfast:
Focaccia sulla gradela (typical dessert of Valdadige)
Pastry cakes or sweets
Tea, coffee, fruit juices

Let's cover the first 2.8 km together. A totally flat route on the Valdadige-Terra dei Forti cycle path that passes through the "Chiusa di Ceraino", a magical place where the walls of Mount Pastello and those of Mount Mesa plunge into the Adige. We then reach the "Alla Grotta" Tavern / Brewery, in the town of Ceraino.

2nd stage - snack:
Sandwiches with cotechino and sauerkraut
Wild boar suppressed
Wines from the Albino Armani winery

Refreshed properly, we cross the old town of Ceraino, and walk another 2.2 km. Here the cycle path winds through the precious vineyards of the Albino Armani Winery, whose wines we are tasting in the various stages. We stop next to stone tables to find the gentlemen of the "La Cavalara" association armed with barbecues.

3rd stage - reinforced snack:
Hot and suppressed polenta
Hot polenta and lard
Wines from the Albino Armani winery

We continue our journey (2.7km) along the cycle path until we reach the heart of our tasty meal: the Baita degli Alpini. A beautiful and ancient court in the center of the village of Dolcè. Here two long laden tables await us. The Alpine troops will serve us the first fruits of their production at km 0.

4th stage - lunch:
Delights of the Alpine troops
Pasta with wild boar and deer ragout

We cross the village of Dolcè following its main street and take the cycle path we are fond of again. We cross some vineyards to finally reach the Albino Armani Winery (1.5 km). Here we will be able to observe the “conservatoria”, the jewel of the cellar. One of the projects Mr. Albino is prouder: a sort of botanical garden of ancient vines and native species that are being lost.

Right next to the conservatory we will make our final toast before the descent in the raft. The cellar will present us with some special surprise wines, and we will fill the last space left with the dessert.

5th stage - toast and dessert:
Artisan sbrisolona with grappa
Puff pastry
Special surprise wine

Those interested can buy the wines we drank directly from the cellar, as well as all those that the winery offers. Transportation to the car will be carried out by the VisitValdadige staff.

We then reach the fields that border the Adige river; here the VisitValdadige rafting guides will make a briefing with the crews. The time has finally come to board the rafts!

Soft rafting return tour
A quiet descent, we will be gently transported by the river for about two hours until we reach the starting point. During the descent, the guides will explain anecdotes about the area and the river, tell how the Adige was once lived, and we will play together to find the nineteenth-century Austro-Hungarian forts hidden and perched on the surrounding hills.

Once we arrive at our destination, our friends from the "La Cavalara" association will welcome us for their greetings and the last "ciacole" (chat) of an unforgettable day!

Sixth stop:
Spirits (some handcrafted products)


Specifically, the wines of the Albino Armani winery in Dolcè (VR) are the following:

Sauvignon Campo Napoleone:
Pinot Grigio Corvara:
Chardonnay Capitel (Trentino):
+ 1 vino speciale a sorpresa



The event will also be held in case of rain.
Non-refundable ticket.

What's included


- All foods and drinks mentioned.
- Ground guides to accompany guests and tell the food and wine specialties and the history of the area.
- Certified guides for the return to rafting (including briefing explanation before boarding, helmet, life jacket, insurance).
- Transport to the car park of any wines purchased at the Albino Armani winery.
- Assistance throughout the journey.



Meeting: Sunday 19 May 2024 at 10:00 at Villa del Bene (Via Villa del Bene 116 - Volargne - VR)

Route: total 10 km on foot in the outward journey + 9 km in rubber dinghy in the return; almost nil difference in height as the walk follows the course of the Adige river.

Maximum number of participants: 70 people

Cost: 79 euros per person - Children: 0-5 years free; 6 to 14 years 60 euros 

Pets allowed.

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